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Coke and Cindy Newell

Coke and Cindy spent nearly a year as Project Amigo's Volunteer Coordinators and directors-in-training before Coke was appointed Executive Director upon Ted and Susan’s retirement April 1, 2013.

Highschool sweethearts, they consider themselves "natives of the Rocky Mountains," having lived and raised their family primarily in Colorado, Utah and Idaho. Both had extensive and impactful international service experience as young adults and they long dreamed of finding an opportunity to work together for a humanitarian organization like Project Amigo.

With degrees in journalism, Latin American Studies and speech communication, Coke spent his earlier career as a writer and corporate public relations officer, and then as a college professor of media studies and speech communication. He is the author of five books and, with Cindy, the co-author, producer or director of a number of television documentaries and short films.

With a Bachelor’s degree in Youth Leadership and Outdoor Recreation, Cindy focused most of her earlier career on the raising and homeschooling of the couple’s seven children, the youngest of whom—identical twins Molly and Allison—live with them here in Cofradía.

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