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Who We Are

The Project Amigo formula

The tale of two pioneers...

Ted RoseTed Rose first visited the Mexican state of Colima in 1984 to hike on a volcano. He took the wrong bus and found himself stranded for several hours in a little poverty-stricken village. A few poor kids took him to see where they lived – a boarding facility run by the State Education Department. They spoke no English, and he spoke no Spanish. But they made their mark in his heart, and he returned home determined to do something to help them.

Susan HillIn December of that same year he and his wife, Susan Hill, went to Colima to hold a Christmas party for the 50 kids who had made his unintended visit to their village so memorable. The mistake he had made, coupled with a few other fortuitous events, led them to trade their established professional lives and the comfort of friends, family and neighborhood, in order to dedicate their lives to helping the children who had befriended Ted on his “lost” day.

The result is now known as Project Amigo.

The incredible story of their journey, establishing a successful path for the peoples of the state of Colima, continues...

The staff

The Project Amigo staffOver the years, Project Amigo has attracted a staff of roughly a dozen talented local professionals, most of whom grew up in the area. The Project also draws some dedicated volunteer coordinators who are knowledgeable about the program, the region and the plight of underprivileged children in Mexico. Please allow us to introduce you to them!

The board

The Project Amigo BoardVisionaries like Sarah Ferris not only dedicate their financial resources to growing this program, but they help structure a viable, successful path for success. We are grateful to these amazing individuals who support Project Amigo.

Our partners

Project Amigo PartnersWe have partners in a variety of industries who are helping us help children succeed. Please see how these partners help us grow.


All of you!Yes, you! Who are you? You are the backbone of our success. You’ve volunteered to do anything from manual labor to giving your professional expertise to contributing the funds needed support our Children’s and Scholarship programs. Read more on how you can help. We would like to hear your ideas on how we can improve.

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